{Review} Nobody's Damsel by: E.M. Tippetts

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Title: Nobody's Damsel
Author: E. M. Tippetts
Number of Pgs. 
Publication date: January 5, 2013
Genre: New Adult (yay!!)
How I got the copy: I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

From Goodreads:

Chloe has finished her masters degree and taken a job as a forensic scientist back in her home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico, only the press will not leave her alone. They follow her to crime scenes and report on her every move, eager to show that her marriage to Hollywood A-lister, Jason Vanderholt, is on the brink of collapse. Millions of fans who dream of their own celebrity romance with him want this more than anything. This scrutiny comes at a particularly bad time as Chloe's first case is a crime against a child roughly the same age that Chloe was when she survived a homicide attempt.

Now that she sees the case from an adult's perspective, she realizes it's much harder than she ever dreamed. It's even worse for Jason, who is two steps removed from the crime. He must watch and try to support his wife as she battles with past demons and tries to keep up with a nameless suspect who evades identification and capture. Never has Jason been more frustrated with his job, its frivolities, and its lack of connection to the real world. When he storms off the set of his latest movie, the press goes wild with conjecture. While he says he wants to work on a project that means something, his agent and manager fear this may be the end of his time in the spotlight. Perhaps he never was anything more than a pretty face after all.

Together, Chloe and Jason must find their way past all the popping flashbulbs and through the dark maze of the criminal investigation to discover whether they can balance their professional goals with the demands of a celebrity marriage. The odds are entirely against them.

I've been using a new way of reviewing that I saw over at Making the Grade.  It breaks the book down and makes it easier to rate.  The way it works is each category gets a score out of ten points.  Then you add them all up + 50 (50% automatically for each book) and that's your score out of 100.

Plot 8/10: I was expecting another fun romcom (romantic comedy) type book since the first in the series Someone Else's Fairytale was very much like that.  But while the first book touched more on the romance and less on the tough topics (like child abuse), this one took the main character's dark past and used it to enhance the plot in so many ways.  I LOVE crime shows like Law and Order. And chloe kind of reminded me of Olivia!  I also felt that this book took the reader beyond the glam of crime shows and behind the scenes to what the people working on the cases feel while trying to solve them.  At times I teared up.  Especially in light of the shooting that just occurred since both involved young children.  It's just not fair that children can't stay innocent anymore these days with all the cruelty that occurs and the author portrayed that perfectly. 

Characters 9/10: I've always loved Chloe and Jason's characters.  Chloe's easy to relate to because she's just an average girl who is vulnerable, but also really strong and independent.   And I loooove that when she meets the guy of her dreams she doesn't become all needy and dependent like lots of girls in books.  I relate to her because while I pride myself on being independent, sometimes in relationships that can backfire as we see with Chloe and Jason in this book.  After learning to look out for herself she doesn't trust easily and she isn't afraid to confront people to keep her heart safe before it gets broken.  Also, I like that being with someone famous doesn't change her into a bratty/entitled woman.  Jason's adorable as usual even when he's being shady.  I wish he was in it a little more as this was more about Chloe's time at her new job and less of a love story.  I liked the minor characters too.  Somehow E. M. T. was able to give them lots of character development too even if they weren't in many scenes.

Setting 8/10: When I think of New Mexico I often think of High School Musical.  I know, that's very weird since I'm 23, but I watched it all the time back in the day.  Anyways, I think it's a unique setting since most books take place in popular states like New York or Cali.  I liked how the author also incorporated parts of New Mexico's history with the elders and their customs.

Pacing 8/10: The pacing was great and flowed  nice and smooth.  However, at the beginning of some chapters there was a screenplay of sorts that really confused me.  I didn't realize until the last chapter what it was.  And for me it actually made me forget where I had left off with Chloe's story if I wasn't reading it all in one sitting.  Maybe I'm just stupid who knows.

Style 10/10: I love this author's writing and will continue to read anything she writes.  It's raw and emotional, yet light and fluffy.  Any author that can put those two styles in one book is awesome in my opinion.

Total: 93/100 

Final thoughts: If you like any type of crime scene show you should try this book. 

Want to take a look at the first book in this series?

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Emily Mah Tippetts

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