{ARC Review}: The Syndicate by Shelena Shorts

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Title:The Syndicate
Author: Shelena Shorts
Publisher: Lands Atlantic Publishing
Publication date: July 9th 2012 
# Of Pages: 301 Paperback
How I got the copy: ARC from author in exchange for an honest review. 

From Goodreads.com

For centuries, the Petrescu family has been protecting society from a danger that moves among the population undetected. Eighteen-year-old Vasi Petrescu has never had a problem carrying out his duty, but, when ordered to eliminate an eighteen-year-old girl, he is immediately taken out of his comfort zone.

The Syndicate has never targeted a female before, yet somehow this one has ended up on more than one hit list. Vasi would like to find out why, but there may not be time.

Now, he'll have to decide whether or not to keep her alive even if it means going against his own family.

The action, mystery, and conspiracy in The Syndicate will take readers on an immersing journey in which decisions are not only life changing, but irreversible.

My Rating: 5/5 Stars
My Review:
þ Action packed from beginning to end

þ Secrets, conspiracies, lies, and a truth that no one will see coming

þ Steamy heated romance that seems magnetic at times.

Wow.  For the first time since reading Divergent I am sitting here speechless after finishing a book.  I took notes while reading for the first time ever because I was feeling and thinking so many things I didn't want to forget any of it.  This book is definitely an adrenaline pumper and emotional roller coaster.

It has to be.  The main character is deciding if he will chose his family and the morals he has been taught all his life, or his instincts and what he believes is right.  But the plot of this book has so much more than just duty vs. love.  I'm going to break down this review in sections.

At first I didn't like the name Vasile, or Vasi for short.  Mostly because I wasn't sure how to pronounce it.  But after awhile I realized if he had a common name like Tom or John it wouldn't seem right.  He was really special and unique and his name should be too.  He is strong physically, trained to assassinate hybrids (or men infected with a disease), but he is also strong emotionally, having lost both his parents.  Shelena wrote his thoughts so well, I felt like I really was lost in the mind of a 17 year old boy.  He was impulsive with his hormones raging and instinctive.  He didn't over think things like a girl would and he felt the need to protect his family and eventually Riley.

Riley is such a mystery to the reader because we are seeing her through Vasi's perspective.  At first I thought she was really weak.  She's clingy and unpredictable. But as the story went on I realized she's actually really strong.  She has provided for herself, living alone, having to deal with her mother being gone in a mental hospital...and her nightmares being a continuous threat that she may end up like her mother.  Who wouldn't want someone to protect them after going through all that?  I really liked Riley and kinda wish she was a real person so I could meet her.  Also, she's going to college to be an elementary school teacher, like myself...just sayin.

Rosie is Vasi's sister and I loved their connection.  Her job was to research hits before Vasi goes out to assassinate them. She was most of the comic relief and helped the plot along nicely.

Henri is the villain we all love to hate.  He's just so annoying thinking he's so powerful as the leader of The Syndicate.  He makes it feel like he's running a cult. 
Plot :
I counted five times where my jaw hit the floor and I had to pick it back up.  Five twists in the plot right at the end one right after another.  Some books focus on one aspect like love.  And while this book had plenty of romance and steamy scenes, it had so many other plot points.  Sometimes while reading I think I wish the author did this instead of that with the plot.  Not this time.  I wouldn't change a thing.
Fun Fact: This book reminded me so much of the movie Wanted and The Bourne Identity (two movies which I love btw).  Later while reading an interview with the author, Shelena Shorts, I noticed she actually got inspiration to write the book from the movie Wanted!  
Vasi's world feels very much like ours today, with the exception of the rabid hybrids of course.  They felt real, like they could possibly exist in the future.  Although I would have liked to know more of how they came to be it wasn't really necessary for the plot. 
The only way I can describe it is two magnets being pulled together.  It felt real and was definitely not insta-love which many books nowadays have.  Instant attraction? Yes, but the actual love part was gradual.  It was a nice change reading the romance from the guy's perspective.  More focused on physical than emotional thoughts, but it definitely made for hotter romance scenes.
Because it was so action packed and through Vasi's pov I felt like the writing was more to the point and flowed seamlessly.  I read most of the book in one sitting because it was so easy to get lost in not only the plot, but there were never really any ending to chapters...no place to stop.  Each chapter continued into the next and I didn't want to put it down.
What I didn't like:
As far as I can tell this isn't a trilogy or series.  While everything was wrapped up in the end, I still wanted more.  I want to know what Vasi's future will be.  I'm hoping somewhere down the line there will be another book. *Crosses Fingers*

This is definitely one of those books I will be recommending to all my friends.  I'm on my way now to read the synopsis' of Shelena's other books.  I never usually say this because I don't want people thinking the author asked me to advertise, but I really feel this way.  I'll say it anyway.  You should go preorder your copy of The Syndicate.  It comes out July 9, 2012.

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I want to thank Shelena Shorts for sending me a copy of her book for review and for giving me a chance to be part of her blog tour!  You definitely gained a new fan.

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About the Author

Shelena Shorts


"Riley comes back in carrying a receipt and casually walks over to me.  I want to flinch away from the nurse because I hate shots, but I mentally brace myself.  I even go as far as raising my sleeve to welcome it.  With my gown pulled up far enough to expose my shoulders, I catch a glimpse of Riley.  Her face turns from flushed to colorless...She looks as though she's seen a ghost...And then I notice her eyes aren't locked on any appariations.  They're locked on my shoulder, or more specifically...my family tattoo." pg. 59 -The Syndicate

{"It's dark and I turn to silently close the door.  Before I take my hand off the knob, the scent of mangos and strawberries sails up my nose just as I hear the cock of a shotgun behind me.  I want to pounce, but something in me feels pleasure that this won't be such an easy kill.  She's actually prepared to protect herself."

"Do not move," she says, turning on the light.} pg. 61 -The Syndicate

I want to know what you think...
Will you be reading this book come July?

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