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My new friend from Bloggiesta (@RebeccaScags) posted this list of bookish things that she wants to do someday.  I want to make my own list next week.  Check back Thursday the 4th for mine!

  1. Make a deeper, personal connection with an author
  2. Read 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die
  3. Vist as many libraries as I can in as many cities as I can
  4. Read a book in another language (besides English)
  5. Read 10 books of poetry
  6. Read 20 books of short stories
  7. Write a children’s book
  8. Fill my wall of bookshelves with books

My brother keeps telling me to do a bookish podcast, but I wasn't sure how to do this.  So now that I'm listening to these two women discuss Diversity in YA I'm seeing how podcasts can be an awesome way to talk about books.  I'll def be listening to future ones from this blog.

*Simone Elkeles books: Alex is too stereotypical
*Eleanor & Park: Immigrant experience was from a racial standpoint.
*Reference to a certain Alien that lives in WV
*A perspective from someone with parents who have a diverse background.
*Having sex with vampires is not a good idea

Kimba had an awesome discussion on her blog about her reading habits.

She alternates genres instead of reading a series all the way through.

I'm the opposite.  I like to get a whole series and have a marathon.  What about you?  Read the article and let her know your opinion here.

Are there any places you can't go without bringing a book?  Book Interrupted talks about this.  Besides having a few books on my phone with me at all times, I also bring a paperback many places, like Rory from Gilmore girls.  When shopping for purses it's a requirement that it can fit a book!
*The Beach
*Long Car Rides
Danny talks about her feelings on the prequels and novellas that seem to be popping up for every series out there.
*Is $1.99 too expensive for a novella ebook?
*Why do we read them?

Did I miss something this week? Add the link to your post or review below!  I'll check it out.

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