Hi, My Name Is Melissa And I'm A Cover Snob...HELP!

12:00 AM

Sometimes at the store or library I pick up a book off the shelf.  The first thing I notice is the cover.  Sometimes I'm really not attracted to a cover at all or it doesn't tell anything about what the book is about.  And I'm like...

And 9 times out of 10 I'll put it back on the shelf.  So basically I'm a cover snob.  If the cover is pretty or interesting I'll probably read it even if I've heard it's bad (ex. Where I Belong).  

While checking out other people's Waiting on Wednesday posts I realized a lot of the books I would have passed by (because of their cover) actually had interesting summaries.  

So I'm posting a list of books I don't want to read because of their cover and I need YOU to tell me if you think I'm making a mistake by passing them up.

This one has pretty colors, but it kind of gives me a headache to look at.  And I've seen this cover 100 times and just realized that's a girls face.  I hear everyone raving about it though.  Is it really that good?

This cover reminds me too much of Harry Potter which annoys me and it looks like a young kids book, which I think it's Middle School right?  But I've had countless people tell me it's amazing including my hot 34 yr old physical therapist and my aunt....soooo..

I don't know what it is about this cover.  Maybe it's the colors that turn me off or the scary thing she's holding in her hand.  I'm really not sure, but it's supposedly a good book.

This girl's hair really bothers me and I don't know why.  It kind of freaks me out to be honest.  But should I let my weirdness stop me from picking up this book?

I think this one looks very manly and that's probably what turns me off to it.  Plus I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone and The Book of Blood And Shadow so this title just doesn't do it for me.  But people were freaking out over this book so maybe it's worth it?

I hate the thing reflected in the girl's head.  What is that?  And there's no color or anything that stands out.

Most of these books so far have no color on the cover.  Maybe that's my problem!  But this one kind of creeps me out.  I feel like that girl is staring into my soul.

What books have you read that have a weird or ugly cover that you really enjoyed?  Or do you need help deciding on a book?

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