Top Ten Tuesday #22

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Brokeandbookish provides a topic each week and bloggers list their top ten within that category.
April 2:  
Top Ten Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also A Fictional Character 

I've always been hard core crushing on Noah from Pushing the Limits ever since I read it.  He's so sweet to his little brothers and he really cares about Echo.

If you're surprised Daemon Black from Obsidian made this list then you obviously haven't met me before.  He's is my number one book boyfriend!  

I've only read up to book two in the series, but for once I'm not in love with the main character.  I'm in love with the sidekick/best friend Simon from City of Bones!  He's so adorable and so loyal!

Kaiden from Sweet Evil is irresistible.  He's dangerous and seductive and so freaking attractive.

Tucker from Unearthly makes me sigh.  He's the perfect southern boy I've always dreamed of.  He's someone you can take home to your family and spend the rest of your life with.

JLA knows how to write a male lead.  Aiden from the Covenant Series made my heart melt.  He's so strong and protective, yet he's sensitive and kind.  So basically he's a mythical creature like a unicorn because I've never met a man like him in real life haha.

Cam... He needs to right now...  He's so patient with Avery it's crazy.  And he's funny.  And he's hot. So ya there's that. Wait For You

I really liked Jase from My Life Next Door.  He was the main reason I finished the book.
Dimitri from VA was such a complex character.  I never knew what he was thinking.  But girls love mystery.
Let's not forget Four from Divergent.  Enough said.

Who are your book crushes?

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