That Awkward Thursday #3

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April 25: That awkward moment when you love the book, but hate the cover.

Before blogging I never knew what to read next.  I was desperate for suggestions like a mouse scrounging for crumbs.  So when my roommate took a book out from under her messy bed and said "here read this" I decided what the heck.

 The cover looked stupid and the title sounded ridiculous.  It looked to me like Laguna Beach which I never had any desire to watch.  But like I said, I was desperate so I tried it.  And let me tell you, that cover deceives.  The book has nothing to do with six girls being friends taking a picture on a beach.  In fact, there's only like three girls in the whole book...none of which are blonde.  I also hate that the title makes it sound like they're "dumb blondes".  But it was a fantastic summer read surprisingly.  It's one that I reread every summer just because I like it that much.

Covers are such important parts of determining if we are going to try a book.  It seems when one book becomes a best seller all other covers try to mimic them.  Some trends:
*Twilightish: solid color with one object
*Girl in a pretty dress
*Girl with no head
*New Adult: Girl and Guy half naked doing something scandalous

Sometimes I see these trends and they make me not want to pick up the book (unless...lets be honest...if the dress is really pretty like The Selection I'll read it anyway).  I just feel like since the cover is nothing unique the content won't be either.

Have you ever been surprised by a book with an ugly cover?
What trends turn you off to a book?


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