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My Mini Review: Where was this book when I was a teen?!  I was excited to read this because it sounded like fun to read author's embarrassing teen moments, but it turned out to be much more than that.  In pretty much every single letter I was able to relate to the author in some way.  I think it's safe to say that during our teen years we think we're all alone in our awkwardness and insecurities, but after reading this book I started to realize that we all go through the same thing.  Just no one ever really talks about it.  I'm interested to see how this book will effect teens today.  I hope it becomes more popular than the blogging world and expands to best seller status.  It has the potential to help a lot of people.  Read more about it here.

My Deer Teen Me Letter:

Dear Teen Me,

You probably just got home from hours of dance, work, and whatever other clubs you decided to join this year.  You're probably curled up on the couch in the tights and leotard you practically live in.  I bet you're on myspace...maybe even watching The O.C., doing homework, and IMing with friends.  Sorry to ruin your night, but I've got bad news.   What I'm about to tell you might come as a shock.  

Everything you think your future will be will turn out completely different.

1.Friends Forever: You'll lose touch with all your best guy friends from high school and join a sorority (I know that's crazy!).  You'll even stop talking to your best friend for about a year.  But when the time is right you'll reunite and be closer than ever.  

2. Dance Forever: After freshman year of college you'll quit your dance major.  Don't join the dance club though.  You'll regret doing that god awful "jazz" routine to My Girl for years to come.  You'll find Zumba a few years later and discover your love for dance again.

3. Teach Forever: After dreaming of being an elementary teacher since you were three, you'll finally get your degree in teaching!   And then decide that's not for you after all.  You'll even make some stupid decisions while you try to figure out your life and you'll have to pay the price.   

4. Be Single Forever:  Here's some good news finally.  Although you probably don't believe it now you won't be doomed to date horrible guys forever.  You'll find someone awesome in college.  Don't run away from this relationship when things get tough.  You'll waste two years separated when you'll just get back together eventually.

5. Live in Jersey Forever:  Even though right now you're confident you will always live in the same town as your family, you'll eventually swallow your fear and get on a plane to visit Europe.  This experience will cause you to vow that at some point in your life you'll move to another state and/or travel the world.

Basically what I'm trying to say is: stop planning your whole life out because you are wasting time worrying and not enjoying your teen years enough.  Joining a million clubs so your college application looks good will not do you any good.  Working at a bagel store before dance class will not make you rich.  Trying to fit in with the mean girls at dance will not make you happy.  All these things will do are cause gray hairs and ulcers.  

Also, welcome change.  Change is not this scary thing you make it out to be.  It'll be essential for you to find who you are and be comfortable with yourself.  Some of the best experiences you'll have will be when you take risks and put yourself out there.  Just enjoy the ride and let your hair down once in awhile.  Oh and speaking of hair, buy a straightener and curling iron sooner rather than later.  Your welcome.

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