{Review} & {Recipe} #1 Sweet Evil

3:29 PM

I started a new meme here where I will be posting mini reviews  on the 1st of every month along with a recipe I've created or found that relates to the book.  To join me, add the image above to your post and link up below.

Mini Review:
A few months ago I went to my friend's bachelorette party that was four hours away. I knew I was going to be in a car with people I didn't know too well for that long time so I got Sweet Evil ebook out from the library on my phone. I figured if things got boring or awkward I could just pretend I was on facebook or something. Volcanoes could have been erupting outside my window and I wouldn't have noticed. I was so entranced in this story. I loved the idea of each demon having it's own sin that they encourage and spread. Kai's character was unique because not many guys jobs are to seduce women. What makes for a better story than two people who aren't allowed to fall in love? And Anna is sweet and kind.  The two shouldn't work together, but somehow they're a perfect match. I ended up finishing this book in the span of the trip. While reading in the car, One More Night by Maroon 5 came on, and it immediately fit with the scene I was reading. Kai and Anna were in a hotel room and things were getting heated. I'll leave it at that. Basically, this book was great and I can't wait for Sweet Peril to come out!

This recipe, much like Sweet Evil, is sinfully sweet.  I created it a few days ago since there isn't much I can eat right now.  My stomach's still all messed up.  I started throwing crap in a blender to get some protein and nutrients in me and here's what I came up with.  

I swear the first gulp I took a little light shown down from heaven and angels sang.  Not sure if it tasted so amazing because I've been living off toast and eggs for a few weeks.  But regardless this is a healthy alternative for ice cream that'll knock your socks off.

2 vanilla yogurt cups
2 bananas
2 tsp coconut oil (this stuff is like crack. It tastes just like inside of a mounds bar!) 
1 tsp chocolate syrup (live a little!)
1 scoop protein powder
A splash of water
Ice (optional-if you're going to freeze it don't add this)

Throw all these ingredients into a blender and mix.  You can try adding peanut butter too maybe.  I also have frozen this into popsicles which are fan-freakin-tastic.  And I even froze it in a container.  Tastes like banana ice cream.  Enjoy!  

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