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Have you ventured into the wonderful world of BookTubing yet?  If your answer is no then you really should.  I've been making videos with the BFFs for a few months now and I'm liking it a lot better than blogging.

Hang on.  I didn't mean it like that...ok yes I did, but I have my reasons.  

Watching videos feels more personal.  It's like someone is inviting you into their home for a cup of tea and to discuss books.  When they fangirl over a book you get to see their excitement instead of just interpreting what you're reading in their words.  It takes the obsession to a whole other level.

BookTubers tend to review all books, the old and the new.  It seems bloggers feel to be the best we have to review only new releases or ARCs.  And while I agree it is important I want to know why no one talks about books that came out last year or hell even five years ago.  I have read some awesome books like the Gone series by Michael Grant or Eve by Anna Carey because BookTubers were talking about them.  Books that would have sat on my shelf because I thought my new releases had to take priority over those.

There are no memes on BookTube.  There are tags though which are similar.  Like Your Book Identity Tag or the Marry Kiss Cliff Tag.  But usually people only put up one tag every week or so.  I feel like blogging has become 6 memes and 1 review a week.  And that kind of defeats the purpose of blogging. 

There's also no drama.  When something happens like plagiarism, trolling, or even Goodreads changing their policy...everyone in the blogging world immediately types up posts to rant.  But no one in BookTube seems to care.  Since I like to stay out of the drama I find myself scrolling through videos on the days where the drama explodes in the blogging world.

But there is one thing I like better about blogging.  The community of book bloggers is amazing.  If I comment on someone's post 90% of the time that person comments back on one of mine.  If I ask someone for help on twitter 90% of the time I get an answer.  Bloggers seem to be more interactive and I'm not really sure why.  Especially the well known ones.  Every comment I've posted on a well known BookTuber's video have never been answered, but even if I just say "Great review" on a well known blogger's review they always say "Thanks!" back.  

So now that I think about it maybe that feeling of videos being more personal is just an illusion.  But regardless I still look forward to scrolling through my subscription feed on YouTube every day.

Even if you don't want to get in front of a camera you should check out other people's videos.  Here are some of my favorites:


Let me know what you think of my observations.  Do you like BookTube better?

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