5 Tips on How To Get Out of a Reading Rut

12:00 AM

Sometimes we get into reading slumps.  It happens and it's normal.  I've developed some techniques that help me trudge through these ruts.  Especially with the end of the year sneaking up on us.  Gotta get our Goodreads goals accomplished!

1. Ask your friend to pick a book for you to read.

Every month the Book BFFs do a feature where we randomly assign each other a BFF and then pick a book for them to read that month based on what we know about their reading tastes.  Sometimes your friends know you better than yourself and will pick a book that'll get you out of your slump.

2. Reread a favorite
@CelineNYX suggested this one to me recently and it's great advice.  Sometimes we just need to remember why we love reading so much.  And the best way to do that is to go on an adventure we already know we will enjoy.  Jennifer L. Armentrout, Sarah Dessen, and JK Rowling are my go to authors.
3. Try a really hyped up book
CAUTION: this may backfire.  I did this once and was lucky.  I picked up Shadow and Bone when I was not in the mood to read.  I had heard such great things and decided what the heck.  Luckily it was an amazing read.  But I think most of the time hype is true so if you pick something that bloggers you trust loved chances are you'll love it too.

4. Watch BookTubers
I'm once again advocating for BookTube.  Whenever I'm in a slump if I watch some people gush about how much they love books it makes me want to read.  Sometimes our love for reading is contagious.

5. Take a break
This sounds counter productive, but really sometimes we just need a break.  Book bloggers are not robots and I think we forget that because we feel like there's such little time and so many books to read. But sometimes recharging your battery so to speak will do you some good.  After a big readathon I tend to take a week to just catch up on tv and relax.  It really works!

What are your tips for getting out of a slump?

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