15 Day Book Blogger Challenge Day 1

2:49 PM

DAY 1:
1. I can't stop reading in the middle of a chapter unless there's an emergency like the house is on fire...even then I'd probably continue to read as I ran out the door and down the street.

2. I can read in a car, 
I can read at a bar,
I can read in a park,
I can read after dark,
I can read at a fair,
I can read anywhere.

3. If the cover is ugly you couldn't pay me to read the book, much less convince me to pay the author to read it (aka I refuse to buy ugly covers...sad but true)

4.  One of my major fears before going into surgery last week was not just death, but dying before I was able to read all the books that I want to.

5. When I lend out a book a little piece of my soul breaks.  Unless I'm lending it to my two cousins because I know 1. They'll give it back in a timely manor and 2. They won't ruin it.

6. I rearrange my bookshelves often for no reason.  Right now they are color coded/rainbow.

7. I don't talk about my blog with my IRL friends really.  They're unaware of my hoarding tendencies/book obsession.

8. Boys who read books are instantly cuter.

9. Like Rory Gilmore taught me at a young age: Always carry a book in your purse at all times!

10. I wish I could read more classics, but too many good YA books keep being released I don't have time.

11. I'm a sucker for a readathon.  But sometimes when I sign up for one I end up in a reading slump and not reading that week =X

12. I hate reading ebooks, yet I read faster when I read an ebook.

13.  I get into genre grooves.  One month I'll be obsessed with Contemp (like this summer) and then next I'll only read dystopian.

14.  My favorite place to read is at the park a few minutes from my house.

15. When I flag my books with post its they have to be all the same color or my OCD mind is not happy.

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