Top Ten Tuesday #15

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Top Ten Books To Get You in The Halloween Spirit:
This'll be easy considering my 31 Days of Halloween Readathon lol

1. Ten: I'll be writing my review for this one soon.  It was my first murder mystery and while it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be it was definitely creepy.  A great way to start out the Halloween season. 

2. The Summoning: This wasn't my favorite book, but it was definitely interesting and really creepy.  I didn't like reading about the ghosts and zombies!

3.  The Body Finder:  This one made me paranoid, but the mystery part was pretty good.  I didn't figure out who the murder was until the end.

4. Alice in Zombieland: LOVED this!  It's not a retelling, but it's even better I think.  Even if you don't like zombies there's a hot romance!

5. Vampire Academy.  I'm in love with this series so far.  I'm on book #3 and can't wait to keep reading.  I wouldn't say this series is scary, but it's got vamps so it's halloweenish (it's a stretch, but I just want to make sure everyone knows about this series lol).

6. Sookie Stackhouse Series: I love this series and since it has every supernatural creature out there I think that makes it a great Halloween series.  If you haven't started this one what are you waiting for?

7. 666 Park Avenue: I started watching this show on abc so I figured I'd read the book.  Well, that was a bust because the two couldn't be more different.  But I really liked this book and want to continue the series.  It's not often you find an adult chick-lit book with magic in it.

8. Cursed: Jennifer Armentrout can write about a leaf and I'd read it.  I really liked this book and hope everyone gives it a try.  Nothing is hotter than Daemon, but the characters in this book are pretty great.
9. Something Strange and Deadly: This was my first zombie book.  I loved that it was in a different time period.  killing zombies with a parcel is so much cooler!

10. The Immortal Rules: I loved this book too.  Kind of has zombies, but it also has vampires.  I can't wait for the second book.

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