Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Made Me Think

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Top Ten Books That Made Me Think:

1. When She Woke: The main character is genetically turned Red after she has an abortion to show the world she is a murderer.  This story really made me think because it seemed like a modern day Scarlett Letter that could actually come true. Scary! 

2. The Hunger Games: Duh.  This is probs on everyone's list this week, but it's because it really makes you take a look at society and how screwed up it is.

3.  Divergent:  It made me think about the different factions and where I would fit in that world.  I really had to look deep to see what I valued.  I think I would be Erudite or Amity because I love reading and learning and I hate confrontation. 

4. Beautiful Disaster: Made me question a relationship I had that was like the one Abby and Travis had.  A relationship that I had never really thought was wrong before, but now I see it wasn't healthy.

5. Anything by Sarah Dessen.  She always makes me analyze my life.  Every single one of her books.

6. Uglies: Would you want to have a surgery to make you look like a model?  I had to constantly ask myself if I lived in that world would I run away or get the surgery.  It would be nice to have perfect vision, but I'd kind of miss being me.  But it is kind of scary how much beauty means to our society.

7. I Am Me: This is a philosophical book so of course it'll make you think.  But I found myself actually thinking deeply about life, love, death, etc.

8. Perfect Escape: I have some of the same habits as Grayson, Kendra's brother with OCD.  It made me realize that sometimes exposure therapy actually can work.  I've actually tried it since and it doesn't cure it, but it makes it easier to live with.

9. Wanderlove:  Besides making me want to travel, this book made me realize there are so many other cultures out there that aren't living like I am.  I've only traveled out of the country once and it was to two countries that are very much like America so I think it would be interesting to go somewhere different next time I travel.  Maybe even backpacking if I can get over bugs and germs.

10. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer: This one just gave my brain a work out literally.  I had to figure out what was real and what wasn't. lol.

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