July 2013 Wrap Up

12:00 AM

These wrap up posts are inspired by Katie's Book Blog and Perpetual Page Turner

Picture from July

Guest Post: Author Cheyanne Young
15 Day Book Blogger Challenge
BookTubeAThon Update Video
Discussion: Dystopians, Birds, and Why They're So Commonly Mixed
Bout of Books 8.0 Goals

Shark Bait by Jenn Cooksey (4 Stars)
(Ya I sucked this month...sorry!)

Books Read But Not Reviewed:
Dead Ever After
Percy Jackson #1
The Moon And More
Looking For Alaska
The Elite
Reread: Delirium/Pandemonium

What happened this month?

1. I got surgery and now I can eat again!  Sorry I slacked on the blogging this month, but I'll blame it on recovery.

2. I participated in BookTubeAThon and the Once Upon A Readathon!  Both were super fun and I met tons of new friends.

3. I finally read a John Green book #MyLifeIsNowComplete

4. I learned how to read crocheting patterns and made a tea mug cozy! (Ya that's the most exciting thing that happened to me this month...my life is boring).

Seriously Series Update:
 I finished the Delirium triology and the Sookie Stackhouse series making my grand total of series finished in 2013...3!  Ya I better get on that.

Favorite quote from a book I read in June? 
Golden by: Jessi Kirby

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2013 Reading Challenge
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