Sentinel reaction in gifs (NO spoilers)

11:15 PM

I just finished Sentinel and I figured now that my life is over...I mean the series is over....I should review this last book.  And I thought I'd use Supernatural gifs in honor of my favorite author.

Sentinel arrived to me by Amazon the Monday after it released.  It took me awhile to calm down. 

But once I did I was rewarded with lots of Aiden.  We find out he apparently doesn't mind no pants and I'm okay with this discovery.

It was a lot of "I love you"
"No, I love you more"
but I was okay with that as well.
In fact I actually really enjoyed it.  Aiden's my homeboy.

Also, I've never laughed so hard at meatballs before.  I couldn't breathe.

In between those moments of love and laughter there were, however, a few times I wanted to smack Seth with a god bolt.  

But that ain't nothing new.

And then BAM the action starts.  And stuff's going down.  Emotions are flying everywhere.

 I had so many tears in my eyes I couldn't see.  But the tissues and chocolate were on my desk and I wasn't about to stop reading for even a second to go get them.

And once I was finished I was so freaking surprised by that ending.  Not at all what I had predicted.  But even though my heart was ripped from my chest and stomped on...

I was more than satisfied.  My favorite characters got an ending that was perfect for them.  Thank you Jennifer Armentrout for writing such an amazing ending.

If you haven't read this series stop whatever you're doing and go buy it.  I'll leave the amazon link here so you can go buy it.  Seriously.  Stop reading this right now and buy it!

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