The Harley Bear Post #4

11:05 AM

Bringing you the latest news in the book blogging world.
Here is some of what I have read this week on other blogs!

Note: I do not claim these articles as my own. They are 
all the work of fellow bloggers that I follow and want to 
share their work.

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon
Bout of Books 
By: Amanda
Photo from: Bout of Books

Wanna make a dent in your TBR pile?  Join us
in the Bout of Books event.  Set your goals and
read as much as you can!  Participate in challenges,
giveaways, and tweet chats.  If you can't make it to
this one there will be more in the future.  Here's my
goals and updates so you can get an idea of how it 


By: Eileen
Photo from: goodreads

Eileen is an awesome blogger and  she's giving away one copy of, in
my opinion, the best debut contemp
of 2012.  You have one more day to 
get your entries in so don't wait to enter.
By: C.S. Lakin
Photo from: Live, Write, Thrive

I love this author/editor's advice on how to break down the components of a story.  She's really helped me in
my attempt to write a novel so I  hope she can help
other aspiring authors out there.  Check out all her great
By: Amanda, Jonathan, & Emily
Photo from: Hippies & Beauty & Books oh my

This blog is always giving great giveaways.  This one you can win:

Grand Prize:

 An Amazon Kindle Fire pre-loaded with 3 books of your choice

1st Prize:

$50 Amazon Gift Card or $50 to spend at The Book Depository

2nd Prize:

2 book orders of your choice from Amazon or The Book Depository

It ends August 30 at midnight!

By: Jenna
Photo from: goodreads

I had put this book on my to read list and then forgotten about it.  Jenna's review raves about it and now I'm really excited to get it and read it soon!
Featured Meme:

By: YA Bound
Photo from: YA Bound

This meme is fairly new, but it sounds really fun.  You pick whatever you're currently reading and say what made you swoon so far in it and why.  I love falling for characters so I might start participating in this soon.

Featured Author:
Photo from: goodreads

This author is awesome.  I just read her new book Last Summer and loved it.  It's about a girl trying to help this guy she just met recover from his drug addiction.  And of course there is some romance in there and some drama.  She's also doing a giveaway to give away 5 copies!
Featured Tweeter: 



I love reading this twitter friend's reviews.  Her review of Iron King reflected everything I thought of the book too.  I'm glad I wasn't the only one to not love it.  She's not afraid to be honest.  I see her around twitter often and she very friendly.  

This week I tried to do a new format.  I'm not sure if I like this table format, but it's better than the old HB Post where I had to link it to an old blog of mine.

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