Passion For Bookish Fashion #2

12:00 AM

I spend way too much time on Pinterest looking at cute outfits.  And one day I found a dress that reminded me of a character in a book I was reading.  I decided to start a feature where I could put together outfits that remind me of characters in books I'm reading!  Want to join in the fun?  Just grab the button above and make sure you link back!

As a Historical Fiction newbie, I was instantly intrigued by the clothing of the time period.  I actually had to do some research for this one, but I think I did okay...thanks to google!

Juliet originally comes from money so when she puts on one of her mother's old blue dresses I couldn't help but want to recreate that look.  It's described as a very plain blue dress with a high neckline to hide Juliet's scars.  She also carries a carpetbag with all her belongings and wears her mother's diamond ring throughout the book.

I decided to make a 2013 version of Juliet's outfit because I'd get a lot of weird looks if I tried to wear the other one.  What I discovered was that despite all the time that has passed, fashion hasn't changed all that much!


I had to go to other sites besides pinterest to find some of these things so I don't have links this week.

I'm not done with this book yet, but I'm loving it!  
Look for a review sometime next week.

What do you think?  
Can you see Juliet wearing this?
Would you wear the today version?

Also don't forget to check out the first update for The Carrie Diaries Read Along over at 

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