The Carrie Diaries Read Along Update #4

2:50 PM

It's already time to talk about chapters 15-20 of The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell!  And don't forget to scroll down and enter the GIVEAWAY!  If you missed it yesterday head over to Queen Ella Bee Reads and see what we thought of the last five chapters!

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So this is going to be a short update because I somehow managed to delete our IM conversation when I was in a rush leaving my house, but I did get some of the conversation Gaby and I had via email later.  Sorry about that!

Harley Bear: So what did you think of sebastian's sister? And why didn't she tell him?

Queen Ella Bee: I think the Kydds are probably not a very hands on family. I'm not surprised the sister didn't say anything to Sebastian (or if she did that Sebastian's keeping his knowledge under wraps). But in general I feel like the sister's just a placeholder. 

HB: Ya probably not going to be a big character. Her purpose was probably to spill the beans to George. And that was pretty funny when she lost control of her ski's

QEB: I was so worried for her!! How could George take her skiing like that when she's never been before?!

HB: I know lol. At least she didn't try to go down after that. Maybe he thought she knew how to ski? I can't remember. And I thought the sister was going to be mad she pulled her down

QEB: Again, the Kydds don't seem like the protective type to me. Is that terrible?

HB: They don't really seem like a close family yet she said sebastian talks about you all the time so idk

QEB: I feel like it's possible Carrie's the most reputable part of Sebastian's life, so he WOULD talk about her in order to make his parents less concerned about whatever got him kicked out of boarding school.

HB: Never thought of it that way but that's so true. Also I'm glad she's writing for the paper finally.

Overall, we were starting to get very frustrated with Sebastian!  The swoon-worthy guy with the one liners is gone and this jerk-face clone has stepped in.  As always we are still Team George and hope that Carrie hits her head and wakes up with a sudden love for Georgie!  

Did you read-along with us? How are you feeling about Sebastian and Carrie's relationship?


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