The Carrie Diaries Read Along Update #2

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It's that time again...time to talk about chapters 6-10 of The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell!  And don't forget to scroll down and enter the GIVEAWAY!  If you missed it yesterday head over to Queen Ella Bee Reads and see what we thought of the first five chapters!

Queen Ella Bee: Confession time: I kind of read ahead.
Harley Bear: I should have then. I really wanted to.

QEB: I couldn't STOP myself.
HB: It's getting really good!
QEB: Right?  PS: I'm totally beginning to see why they cut Lali from the show...She's awful.
HB: ya she really is lol I'm starting to really love Sebastian's character.  He seems to really like her
QEB: So I see what you're saying but at the same time I'm like HEY CARRIE LOOK AT GEORGE.  Because I totally agree with Carrie about being able to read a person based on their room and Sebastian's just screams "transient" and that's no good.
HB: How old is George though?
QEB: That's a good question. I want to say he's probably only a year older than her
HB: Oh ok. I thought he was a lot older for some reason, but I guess her dad wouldn't be so calm about her dating him if he was
QEB: HOW MUCH did you love that thing with the feminist writer?

HB:  haha I was NOT expecting that at all!
QEB: it was amazing
HB: I liked hearing that part because it explains why she is the way she is now
QEB: It felt so very Carrie Bradshaw to me.  I feel like a lot of the times I forget she's CARRIE but then there are these little moments when you're like: There's my girl.
HB: Was Maggie annoying to you too? She's just soooo dramatic.
How I want to hurt you.
I definitely don't love Maggie in the show but I really dislike her in the book. But then again, I like Walt less in the book too. Which is sad.  I think the only characters I feel pretty much the same about in both is Carrie and The Mouse. Although The Mouse feels a little Mary Sue? Like, she's straight edge and smart but also able to adapt to sexytimes really well?
HB: haha ya
QEB: PS: Peter. Ugh. I feel like George is the only worthy boy in the book. Like, Carrie can still be Carrie around him And now become some ind of simpering lovesick girl like she kind of does with Sebastian.
I think in theory it's nice to melt into a puddle because of your feels for a boy but in reality it's kind of a very, very bad thing.
HB:  ya it's more lust than love when that happens I think.  I died laughing with the clown face scene.  And I loved that she wasn't really embarrassed about it.  She's a good role model for YA readers
or any age readers for that matter. Like don't let a guy make you feel silly for being yourself
QEB: She really is fearless when she's not trying to impress someone else. Slash a boy. Like, she couldn't care less what Peter thinks
HB: I wouldn't either. He's annoying haha
QEB: well I'm not totally sure why she doesn't like him. He doesn't seem SO TERRIBLE. He just seems like a typical boy. think a lot of the times when I read YA I forget that these boys in these books are 16-18 years old.  They're all mostly thoughtless.
So like, I don't know why I think 17 year old Peter should be help to a higher standard.
HB: I never really thought about it like that. I'm 23 too so I tend to judge characters in YA harshly.  I wonder if other people our age feel the same
QEB: Well, I try to remember how big of a mess I was at 17 when reading YA and all. Not for funsies. Most of the people I interacted with weren't the greatest people I've ever met But I can't stay I was on my A game either.
HB: That's true. I should really try to channel my inner teen when I read YA.  I was a mess, but at the same time I was like Carrie where I didn't let peer pressure ever persuade me. That's why I love Carrie so far
QEB:So true. I feel like she's worth paying attention to both as an adult and a teen.  Which is fairly impressive

QEB sums up chapters 6-10 perfectly: "So yeah. Love Carrie, love George, the rest can go."  The characters are definitely more captivating than the plot so far, yet it is so fast paced we're left wanting to read past the 5 chapters a day. As we delve deeper into Carrie's past we're learning what experiences shaped her character today.  I think it's safe to say so far we're loving it!

Did you read-along with us? How are you feeling about the characters so far...Which are your favorites?


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