Quiz: Which Literary Character Are You?

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Are you the:

My favorite part of magazines like Cosmo are those silly little quizzes that test What Kind of Girlfriend Are You? and things like that.  So I decided it would be fun to make up a bookish one for ya'll.  I give mad props to the person who's job it is to create quizzes like these.  It's actually not easy!

Also, this is just for funsies so enjoy!

1. You find an old beat up treasure map in your basement under a stack of dusty books. You...
a. smile. You're the one who hid it there in the first place.
b. put it in your pocket and decide to show it to your best friend later.
c. figure out where it begins and come up with a plan to start a search.
d. leave it where it is and keep looking for your weights so you can work on your six pack. 

2. It's down pouring outside on a spring day you…
a. laugh at your nemesis who just fell in a puddle and insult them in front of the whole school.
b. take out the umbrella you were carrying just incase and share it with your best friend.
c. take cover in the nearest café where you meet a cute guy.
d. conveniently bump into your crush and start making out in the rain.

3. It's your birthday you celebrate by...
a. opening all the presents your minions…I mean friends…bought you.
b. going out to dinner with your family and best friend.
c. enjoying the surprise party that your best friend threw for you and make out with your crush who brings you the ultimate present.
d. dancing at a club/party with a cute new guy/girl that is fun to flirt with. Happy Birthday to you! ;)

4. A criminal is holding someone you care about hostage. You…
a. bargain with the criminal.  You've got lots of tricks up your sleeve.
b. do nothing…you're the one being held hostage.
c. volunteer as tribute.
d. form a plan to save said love person and then declare your love to them that has been building up for months.

5. The popular girl in school just insulted you.  You…
a. that wouldn't happen because you're the most popular girl in the whole school.
b. start to tear up and turn away so they don't see you cry as your best friend punches that biz notch in the face.
c. say something snarky back that makes her blush and leave you alone.
d. tell her you're sorry you dumped her, but you're interested in someone else now and she has to get over it.

Now for the fun part...

Mostly A's
You like string up trouble you evil little thing you!  In the literary world you'd be considered the villain.  When facing problems you're a few steps ahead and aren't scared of much.  You're popular and have everyone in the palm of your hands.  You take pleasure in other people's pain and embarrassment.
MPV (Most Popular Villain): Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter

Mostly B's
You lead a simple life where nothing really exciting happens often and when it does you rely on your best friend to save you.  They are the center of your universe and are like family to you.  You'd put your life on the line for them.  You're the sidekick!
Favorite Sidekick: Simon from City of Bones
Mostly C's
Life is exciting for you!  If you were in a book you'd be the main character!  You seek out adventure and the love of your life will just stumble into your life and scoop you up.  Your best friend is always there for you when you need them.
Favorite Main Character: Katniss from Hunger Games

Mostly D's
Besides having a delicious six pack and perfect hair you're constantly running into your crush or saving them.  You're the love interest.  The hotty McHotstuff who every girl/guy wants but you have eyes for one person and you pursue them every chance you get.
Favorite Love Interest: Daemon from Lux Series

Which kind of character are you? Tell me in the comments below.

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