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Today I sweated my butt off at the Jersey Shore (is sweated even a word?)  I think it was about 98 degrees, but it felt like 110.  You should see my sunburn/tan lines.  I am fifty shades of tan lol.  Anyways, I thought it would be fun to do a post about my favorite beach/summer recipes and beach reads so you can have the ultimate beach/pool day.

I was at the Top of the Trop with my friend in Atlantic City last year and we wanted a fruity drink.  The waitress suggested we try a Georgia Peach.  It is delicious and has become my cocktail of choice.  It's the perfect poolside drink.  I forgot exactly how they made it, but here's how I make it at home.  (If you're under 21 you can make it with Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, and Sprite- Peach slice, Orange Slice, and Cherry Garnish).

1 shot: Pineapple Rum                      
1 Shot: Peach Schnopps                 

Orange Juice                                   

Cranberry Juice                               

Cherry or Orange garnish 

I love ice cream way too much, but it has so much cholesterol and sugar in it.  I decided to get $5 ice pop molds from 5 below and experiment.  These were delicious, guilt free, and didn't involve a blender.  Perfect for a scorching hot summer day. 

1 Peach4 Strawberries

1-2 16 oz Greek Yogurt cups (Vanilla)

Cut up fruit.  Mix peaches with vanilla and put into bottom of mold.  In seperate bowl mix strawberries and yogurt and fill rest of the mold.  Freeze for a few hours.  It is layered deliciousness and so easy to make.

I just finished Don't You Wish last night and think it would be the perfect book to relax on the beach (or by the pool) with.

It's funny, cute, and light, yet still makes you think.  What would you do if you were transported into the body of the coolest girl in school?  

I'll be reviewing it tomorrow so check back if you want to see more about how I liked it. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and have the ultimate beach/pool experience this summer.    

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