Review: Secrets by: Sara Daniell

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Title: Secrets

Author: Sara Daniell
Publisher:  Sara Daniell
Publication date: April 30, 2012
Have you ever wondered how much of love is about the hear?  How much is about hormones?  Does love at first sight really exist?  Or is it just something Hollywood has concocted, yet another money-making scheme in the film industry?  And what about chemistry-can you create it, or does it just happen?

What about destiny?  Is this the correct path for my life?  I was human- now I have magic.  I made decisions without really thinking.  I hope, one day, I can say this was the right choice.  But right now, I'm not so sure.

I cannot explain why I fell in love with Luke so fast or even know if I am in love.  My life has changed in just a matter of days, and I do not understand it.  Something inside me tells me to run, that this isn't right, but then another part tells me to stay.  I love Luke.  I do.  Right?


þ   Realistic/relatable main character (New Adult genre)
þ   Major swooning for Luke
þ   Magic unlike anything I've ever read

Thank you Sara for creating a character that is actually realistic.  I'm so sick of main characters in books falling instantly for a boy, risking their lives for them, and then not regretting it or questioning it at all.  How do you know at 19 that you found your soulmate?  I know at 19 I didn't think every guy I dated was my soulmate so I was really glad that Holly wasn't sure either.  After everything goes down in book one, Holly finds herself questioning the impulse choices she made.  She realizes that she didn't really even know Luke that long and maybe she should have thought about things before jumping into his world of magic.

Luke's world is so different from other magical places.  It's not typical of what you've read before.  In this story there's no spells or wands.  The characters just use their minds and they can transport or make things appear.  I loved when Holly's new found magical powers get out of control when she's angry.  Doors slam uncontrollably or break.  It was very entertaining.  I wish I could step into that world for a second just to experience the magic, even if the royalty is corrupt and there is a war going on.

Luke's family is the royal family, but he's not the typical prince.   For once the prince wants to do what's right for his people and not what his family expects of him.  I loved that about Luke.  He has his own mind.  And he also is hot!  Bring on the swooning!  Some new characters were introduced and while I liked their personalities I'm not sure I can trust them.  Can't wait to read book 3 and find out!  

If you haven't read the first book of the series Visions you should check out my review by clicking the picture below.  It's such a great series and it's a quick read.  I think you can even get all three books in a set now.

You can also read an interview I did with Sara a few months ago!  She's awesome!

             My Reading Addiction

"I do know what I would like to do with my plate of food, however.  I smile inwardly as I envision throwing it at the queen.  At least that awful expression she always wore in my presence would be temporarily hidden.  Revitilaized by the scenario my imagination had just constructed I cheerfully go to stick a fork in my sausage.  It is at this time that I realize my plate is not sitting in front of me.  It is in the queen's face." -pg.2 Secrets by Sara Daniell

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