Top Ten Tuesday #11

12:00 AM 

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Top Ten Characters I'd Like to Switch Places with for 24 Hours

1. Echo (Pushing the Limits)- If you read my review of PTL from yesterday then you know I fell hard for Noah.  I wouldn't mind dating him for 24 hours...just sayin lol

2. Sookie (Sookie Stackhouse Series)- Having all those hot guys fighting over me would be fun.  Eric, Bill, Quinn, the list goes on.  I also wonder what it's like to be it true that blonds have more fun?

3. Emerson (Hourglass)- I always wanted to time travel so I think switching places with her would be fun.  And I wouldn't mind fun banter with Kaleb either.

4. Jenna (Hex Hall)- I think Sophie is hilarious so I'd want to switch places with her bff for a day and hang out with her.  Maybe learn some spells or something. 

5. Allison (The Immortal Rules)- If I knew it would only be for a day, then I would want to be Allison.  The world she lives in is scary, but I would want to see what being a vampire is like. 

6. Hermione (Harry Potter)- I think I need to go to Hogwarts in Florida soon.  I would love to switch places with Hermione and get to live at Hogwarts and do magic.  

7. Clara (Unearthly)-  How cool would it be to learn to fly?  And also, I want to meet Tucker because there is no man on this earth as perfect as him. 

8. Tris (Divergent)- I wouldn't want to have to fight all day long, but I love tris' bravery and her overall character.  I think it would be fun to zipline and jump off trains if I knew I wouldn't get hurt, because let's be honest, main characters never die.

9. Allie (The Notebook)- I think every girl wants a romance like in The Notebook.  I'd want to be the young version of Allie though lol.

10. Jessica (Sloppy Firsts)- I always wanted to be snarky and have quick comebacks like Jessica so it would be nice to be a quick thinker.  I also would want to meet Marcus as he is one of the oddest characters I have ever read.

Who would you switch places with?

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