Top Ten Tuesday #8

5:34 PM

Sorry this post is kind of late today.  I spent all morning grocery shopping and making fruit salad and white chocolate covered pretzels with red and blue sprinkles for the bbq I'm having tomorrow!  I love the 4th of July!  

This weekly meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  All you have to do is add a link back to the hosts page and compile your top ten list of the week.  Each week there is a new top ten list announced and bloggers post their top ten.

Top Ten Books For People Who Liked X Author
I'm going to do it a little different as usual.

                IF you like:                                         You might like:

These books are a little dark and twisted.  Mara Dyer And One Moment are both about girls who have lost there memory after a tragic event and are trying to piece back together what happened. 

             Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1)                              or 
Anna is like The Syndicate because they both have male protagonists who kick ass.  Gone is similar because there is scheming and lots of action too.

                                                              Dark Companion
The Sisterhood of Heartbreakers is similar to Dark Companion in that they both deal with cult type groups that are up to no good.  
Both have a hot guy (who is secretly something else) that shows up over protective and obsessed with the girl.  The girl has to decide if she will change her lifestyle for them.    

Both are about girls who are also angels (or part angel) and fall for humans.

Hex hall is set in a private school for supernatural kids who misuse their magic.  There the main character falls for a broody kind of guy.  Fallen is also set in a school for delinquents where the main character falls for a broody guy.  Sloppy firsts doesn't remind me of hex hall at all, but both main characters (Sophie and Jessica) are really snarky and the best personalities ever!

Delirium and Shatter Me both focus on two very important basic human instincts being repressed.  The comfort of love and the comfort of touch. 

The Hunger Games and Divergent are both about a strong main character who faces lots of physical, intellectual, and emotional challenges.  The Hunger Games and The Selection are both competitions that are televised and the main character is trying to help her family survive.  There are also corrupt governments in all three. 

Leave a link to your Top Ten Tuesday posts and I'll be sure to visit!    
Tomorrow I'm doing a special 4th of July post where I'll post some things I'm making for the bbq (including: my favorite cocktail, ice pops, and chocolate dipped foods).                                   

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