Top Ten Tuesday #10

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Top Ten Most Vivid Worlds/Settings in Books

1. Harry Potter- I think this was the best world ever to be created.  J.K. Rowling does a great job of describing it that we can all imagine it vividly.  I want to someday go to Harry Potter land in FA to see it come to life.

2. Hunger Games- This was another book that created a completely new world.  There are the districts who each provide something to society and are ranked.  There's the actual games, the corrupt government, and the technology.  I always wondered what happened to the rest of the world since they only describe America really.  

3. Divergent- This world was so creative.  Each faction was so different it was hard to choose which one I would pick if I were Tris.  This one is only set in one state so I wondered what happened to the rest of America.

4. Uglies- The technology in this world is crazy.  I loved the idea of hoverboards.  Also, the fact that they get surgeries to become pretty is just insane.  The wilds was easy to picture and the idea of the people ruining their own world is not hard to imagine.

5. Under the Never Sky- Aria lived in a pod in the beginning.  It was such a weird concept to me to live in a world like that.  I loved getting to see the wild from her eyes and Perry's.

6. Something Strange and Deadly- This book came out today and I just reviewed it today lol.  I think this world full of rotting smelly zombies was really creative.  It was also really interesting because of all the historical references since it takes place so long ago.

7. Sookie Stackhouse Books- I love the world Charlaine Harris created.  Vampire, shapeshifters, maenads, Faeries, and every other fantasy creature you could think of.  It's all set in the south which I love!  I'm so glad True Blood was able to create an accurate set so we could see the book come to life.

8. Daughter of Smoke and Bone- I thought it was so cool going into Brimestone's world, learning about angels and demons.  This book was really creative.

9. The Immortal Rules- I loved the unpredictable rabid zombie creatures that came up from the ground and the vampires ruling the world.  It was all really scary, but seemed possible.  I got lost in this world and it was great!

10. Hex Hall- I wish this was a real school and that Sophie, Archer, Cal, and Jenna were real.  They were awesome and this world was awesome.  There was so much magic, demons, witches, vampires, ghosts, etc.

What worlds did you love the most?

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