The Harley Bear Post #3

10:29 AM

Don't forget to link up your review, discussion, giveaway, etc. below!

How You Participate:
    1. You will choose a classic you’d like to read.
    2. You read your classic and read or watch as many retellings, spin-offs, sequels or adaptations of the classic as you can.
    3. You will post reviews or your thoughts on your blog for each one during September.
    4. 1-4 bloggers can work on a “main” text. You can work independently or work together. You’re allowed to all read/watch the same things or split the work up.
    5. To participate in this project, you only sign up for one classic (and its adaptions).
    6. Optional: If you’d like to work on another classic (or adaptation), find the bloggers “in charge” of that text and ask to do a guest review/post.
    7. Optional: Do other posts about your classic: character analysis, where else to find the characters, the book’s influence on culture, memes, etc. It can be literally anything involving your classic.
    8. Optional: Do a sign up post after I clear your classic. It will help spread the word about the project and you’re able to bounce your ideas off of your readers. They may even give you ideas of books/movies to use for your classic!
  • For a classic to be useable for this project, it should have at least 2 adaptations, spin-offs, sequels, or retellings.
  • Alyssa @ Books Take You Places is in charge of Ancient to Renaissance Lit Classics. (Sign up post)
    Brittany @ Book Addicts Guide is in charge of Mythology. (Sign up post)
    Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy is in charge of 19th Century & Gothic Classics(Sign up post).
    Alison @ The Cheap Reader is in charge of Children's Classics. (Sign up post)
    Wendy @ Excellent Library is in charge of American & Misc. Classics. (Sign up post)

Rachel over at The Annex talks about how we should blog for ourselves and not to make other people happy.

"IRL I tend to be a really judge-y person. I kind of live in a world of black and white, right and wrong. But for some reason, when it comes to books and all things book-related, all that goes out the window. I appreciate people who are different. I appreciate reading about their differing thoughts about books, their different styles for their reviews, their different ways of running their blogs.

And I kind of believe that being a book blogger has made me a better person." -Rachel

What's Next is hosted by Icey Books really comes in handy when you have a bunch of books and aren't sure which to start next.
Icey Books needs help picking between:
*The Wicked and the Just
*Shadow and Bone
*Life After Theft

Go vote for which book you think she should read, help others find their next book, and join in the fun!

Reading Teen had author Jennifer Archer stop by this week to share a snipet of her book.  This book looks really good so I was excited to get to read a little bit of it before it comes out.

*Excerpt from book
*Giveaway (Kindle, copy of books, & necklace)

Did I miss something this week? Add the link to your post or review below!  I'll check it out.

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