Armchair BEA 2013: Development & Fiction

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     Blogging is a lot like a child learning to walk.  There's a pattern that I've seen in everyone, including myself.  First you learn to crawl.  You set up your blog with a few graphics, a review and a meme or two, and start slow.  

     Soon you meet other bloggers on twitter or goodreads and they hold your hands while you stand on your feet and learn to take the first few steps into scary things like discussion posts, readathons, and negative reviews.  

     Before you know it you're standing on your own running, coming up with fresh new ideas and experimenting with new types of posts.  You're not afraid to start a new feature or plan an event because you know you'll have the support of those awesome bloggers out there.  At least this has been my experience.  If it hasn't been yours you're not meeting the right let's be friends.

     During the last Bout of Books readathon I randomly started talking to a few ladies on twitter about our love for cookies and coffee, which has nothing to do with books.  But we've been chatting every day since and call ourselves the...wait for it...Book BFFs!  Now we're hosting a 24hr readathon, having google + hangouts, readalongs (June= The 5th Wave), and so much more.  I feel like meeting them has already taken my blogging experience to the next level and it's only been a few weeks.  They've helped me get over my fear of vlogging and have inspired me to share a little bit more about myself instead of hiding behind the computer screen.  In the future I want to get into more web and graphic designing!

     My tastes have changed so much since I began blogging.  I used to only read Chick Lit because I thought that's what I was "supposed to be reading" for my age.  I was also embarrassed to buy YA because I thought people would judge me.  I got over that eventually.

     Sarah Dessen was my gateway drug to YA Contemporaries.  But when my cousin forced me to read The Hunger Games I started devouring every Dystopian I could get my grabby hands on.  Then came my discovery of New Adult, which I love.  I soon discovered Paranormal and I think this is my favorite so far.  Recently I've gotten into Fantasy.  I really enjoyed Shadow and Bone!  Also, now I want to start trying Historical Fiction and Horror.  Those two I've tried in the past, but they're not my favorite yet.  But the one thing I love in every book is a good romance.  As long as there's romance I'll try it not matter the genre.
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I want to hear about your blogging experiences and favorite genres!

Book recommendations are highly appreciated too.

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